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Ear Surgery Correction

Also known as correction of floppy ears. The goal of this surgical procedure is to change and beautify the shape, position, or the proportion of the ears. After the intervention your ears will have a natural shape in harmony with your face and head. Correction of even of the slightest deformities can have a big impact on your personality and self-confidence.
Correction of floppy ears in Belgrade
  • After checking your clinical picture the anesthesiologist will suggest several types (categories) of anesthesia in order to make you as comfortable as possible during the surgical process.
  • The incisions are mostly at the back of the earlobe so that they are practically invisible after the intervention.
  • The results are visible right after the otoplasty, and the ears are permanently positioned.
  • On rare occasions, it won’t be possible to achieve the desired results with only one intervention, so another will be necessary. However, you will have all the essential information at the very beginning of the diagnosis.


After the surgical procedure, there is a possibility you might experience an itching sensation on the entire surface under the bandages. It is of utmost importance to resist this and that the bandages remain intact in order for the success of operation to be guaranteed. The bandages will be removed after seven days, and the sutures after two weeks.

Commence a virtual conversation

The virtual conversation begins with you sending to us photos of the part of your body you wish to be changed.

After that, our surgeon will analyse your photo and decide whether you are a candidate for the desired intervention. Later on we will inform you about the doctor’s decision and send you the questionnaire with all the necessary information we need before the operation. It is of the utmost importance that you know that every information and communication among you, your doctor and doctor’s assistant is strictly confidential. This procedure has proven to be the best in obtaining the most precise and accurate initial information and following organization.

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