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  Antiage & Nonsurgical

Other Methods..

Moles Removal Belgrade Price  Enlèvement des grains de beauté Belgrade Prix Rimozione di nei Belgrado

Removal of


Our youth experts remove it by surgical excision under local anesthesia or by the radio wave method. The procedure is painless in both cases.


After that, a mandatory histopathological examination of the young section is performed in order to determine whether the change on it was benign or malignant.

Baby Lift Belgrade Price

Baby Lift

The Baby Lift effect is achieved by rejuvenating the area around the lips, but also the lips themselves with well-chosen and appropriate fillers that allow the youthful and fresh look of the lips to return in a completely natural way.

A small amount of injected hyaluronic filler in special points of the upper and lower lip makes a "baby lips" effect. One ampoule of filler is enough.

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