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Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite Laser Treatment

Cellulite is caused by an increase in fat cells, then there is a disturbance of circulation and fluid retention, and there is often a genetic predisposition for the appearance of cellulite.

Our experts use the most modern laser device for cellulite removal, Alma Acent Prime.
Cellulite has 4 stages that differ in how pronounced and visible cellulite is
  • The first stage is one in which cellulite is not visible to the naked eye, nor when the skin is pinched between the fingers
  • The second stage is the same when cellulite is not visible to the naked eye, but lumps appear when the skin is pinched by the fingers.
  • The third stage is when cellulite is not visible while standing, but it is when you sit or lie down and create pressure on a certain part of the body affected by cellulite.
  • The fourth stage in which cellulite is seen with the naked eye, without any physical impact on it.
Image by Alexander Mils

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Započnite Virtuelnu komunikaciju

The Alma Accent Prime laser combines selective (cold and warm) ultrasound and unipolar radio frequency.

Natural Beauty
Ultrasound waves break down and release stored fat, and the unipolar frequency is responsible for fat metabolism and skin tightening. It is recommended to do 3 to 6 treatments over a period of 14 days. The procedure is completely painless and the patient can immediately return to their daily activities.

Započnite virtuelnu konverzaciju

Virtuelna konverzacija se odvija tako što nam pošaljete slike Vašeg tela koje imate želju da promenite. Nakon toga, naš hirurg analizira fotografiju i donosi zaključak da li ste kanditad za željenu intervencijiu. Kasnije Vas obaveštavamo o odluci doktora i šaljemo upitnik za sve neophodne informacije pre operacije. Takođe, molim Vas budite uvereni da je svaka informacija strogo poverljiva između Vas, doktora i doktorovog asistenta. Ovakva procedura se pokazala kao najbolja u dobijanju najpreciznijih polaznih informacija i kasnijeg organizovanja. 

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