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For a new begining 
in your life. 
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You are magic. Do not ever apologize for the fire in you..

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Why is our service cheaper than the rest of Europe?

Our goal is to find a compromise between a good surgeon, good clinic and a financial moment. By now you have probably heard that the prices of surgical interventions in Serbia can be significantly lower than those in Europe, the USA, etc., and on the other hand they are done by highly experienced surgeons.. This is due to the low standard of living in Serbia, which is multiple times lower than Europe, but the favorable geographical location and life in a city of a million have forced our surgeons to be at the top of their profession, which is reflected by their world recognition.
Hotline Consultant


Simply complete a short questionnaire, and you'll get a call from us shortly during which you can ask us any question you'd like! (It's absolutely free of charge).
Concierge Desk


After the interview, we find and offer you the best Lucento package that suits your needs.

Clients' requirements are unique, so we treat each one of you individually.
Take Away Bag

Take Care

Being aware that you will be in a foreign city and environment, we assign a translator who will always be at your side. Our postoperative care ensures that our patients feel like at home.
Confident Businessman


Even though everything went according to plan and you returned to your regular daily life, the Lucento team still gathers information on how your recovery is going and sends medical personnel if necessary for follow-up checks.

What do they say about us?

Giovanni Lucas

Stunning organization, Daniela was truly exceptional throughout the whole process

Olivia Green

Everything was in perfect order, the surgeon was very professional and I am glad I chose Lucento.

Andrea Bianchi

Nikola is very good at organizing all the phases, Dr. Milovanovic was really great and professional, I kindly recommend him

Belgrade is rapidly emerging as a key destination for travelers looking for something different in the famous European landscape.

(The Sheffield Star’s Profile magazine)

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