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Tourists' guide to Belgrade

“Belgrade is not in Belgrade, because Belgrade, in fact is not a city – it's a metaphor, a way of life, a way of thinking.” 
- Momo Kapor

The city of spring and summer, Belgrade (the white city), is where people are living right now, in the present. The bohemian atmosphere of Skadarlija and the romance of the Old Town are contrasted by the avant-garde graffiti of young artists that break stereotypes and rules, strives for freedom, and seeks a new truth. There is something for everyone in Belgrade...tears and laughter, dreams and imagination.

Interesting Facts in Belgrade

Image by Nikola Cirkovic
Image by Ivan Aleksic
Image by Dimitrije Milenkovic

One of the largest parks in Belgrade, Kalemegdan offers an impressive view of the entire city.

Also known as the meeting place of two great rivers, Belgrade is a great city for evening strolls.

As a foreigner visiting Belgrade, you will experience life in a city that never sleeps, and as a guest with whom we would like to share the experience of Belgrade life with you.

Image by Nikola Rakic

Belgrade is the land of Tesla, "rakija", Djokovic, Turkish coffee, dreams, and pride.

What do the others say about Belgrade?

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