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Impianti Dentali Belgrado Corone Dentali Belgrado Rinoplastica Belgrado

About Us

We have decided to make official the services we have been providing unconsciously for years, which are to meet people from around the world, provide them with services, and then return "Lucento" (in Latin-glow) upon them.

Plastic Surgery Belgrade Dental Belgrade Dentali Impianto
Plastic Surgery Belgrade Dental Implants Belgrade

Our Story

Lucento Aesthetics is an organization that, with its innovative work and a solid network of contacts, has become the best in providing aesthetic and dental interventions.
As we were based in Belgrade, a city where experts in many fields are well known internationally, we were able to see how over time the interest in aesthetic, dental, anti-aging, and other services has grown.

Each of our actions is made much easier if we have someone by our side who will support, advise and represent our interests.

Knowing that you arrive in a new environment, the Lucento team wants to make the agreed procedure as easy as possible and minimize your worries. Because of this, we offer a full organization of accommodation, clinic, transportation, and all additional benefits at a very reasonable price.

Meet The Team

Founder Lucento Aesthetics

Daniela Colakovich

Founder & CEO

Office Menager Lucento Aesthetics

Aleksandar Sarajlich

Office Manager

Customer Support Lead Lucento Aeshtetics

Lina Sead Mohammad

Customer Support Lead

Sales Development Representative Lucento Aesthetics

Nikola Mijović

Sales Development Representative

Founder Lucento Aesthetics

Nikola Karadzich

Founder & CEO

USA regional menager

Nikola Vidakovic

USA Regional Menager

Customer Support Lead Lucento Aesthetics

Marina Solak

Customer Support Lead

Medical Tourism Serbia Lucento Aesthetics

We will organise everything for you

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