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Lip Lift

Usne su, po mišljenju mnogih, najlepši deo ženskog lica...

Having full lips has always been one of the symbols of youth, beauty and sexual attraction, so it is not surprising that so many women feel the need to improve them. The two most common lip shaping procedures performed today are lip augmentation or upper lip lift.


Upper lip lifting is usually done when patients have a large distance between the nose and upper lip or have a longer upper lip. It hides the beauty of the upper part of the face, cheeks and eyes. By lifting the upper lip, that distance is reduced and a softer and fuller upper lip is obtained. The operation can be adjusted by lifting different parts of the lips along the central cupid's bow to make them more shaped. In the elderly, lifting the upper lip makes the whole face look tighter and younger.

Lip lift is tailored to each patient, his requirements and desired appearance, so there are several different Lip Lift techniques:

Gull – Wing Lift

The strip of skin above the edge of the upper lip is removed. An M-shaped incision is made where the pink part of the upper lip joins the skin. This procedure is usually done in the elderly where this border of the lip is almost completely flattened.

Italian Lip Lift

Someone just wants to lift his lip a little. Then two incisions are made hidden under each nostril. The skin is removed and the right, then the left lip is raised separately.

Image by engin akyurt

Bulhorn Lip Lift

Fashion Model

V do Y Lip Lif

An incision in the shape of a bull's horn is made just below the nose, the tiny strip of skin is removed, the muscle is tightened and the lip is raised to a new position. The scar is hidden in the curves of the nose and is not visible. This procedure can lift the middle lip or the corners of the lips. The patient decides where he wants to place his lip, ie how much he wants his teeth to be seen.

This technique is used to add volume to thin lips using an incision inside the mucosa where the mucosa is raised in a V shape to add the desired volume and then the incision is closed in a Y shape.

SMAS Lip Lift

SMAS is done together with facial tightening because it uses tissue fibers that are inserted into the lip and the lip looks much fuller.

Red Lipstick


The angular lift of the lips gives a sad look as the corners of the lips turn downwards. Here incisions are made on the same edge of the outer lips. The small triangular part of the skin on the corner of the lips is removed and the lips bend upwards and give them a youthful appearance.

Lip Lift Belgrade Lifting della labbra Belgrado

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