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Over the years the number of men having problems with breast tissue enlargement is growing, as a result of which they feel great shame and discomfort. That problem is solved with the routine intervention by our surgeons, and that surgical procedure is called gynecomastia.

Good candidates for this operation are:

Patients with enlarged breasts who have the feeling of discomfort.
Patients who are in good physical and mental form.
Have realistic expectations after talking with our doctor.
Who realized that dieting and exercise didn’t solve the problem.
Breast tissue enlargement in men usually occurs due to a hormonal surge at puberty or due to use of anabolic steroids. Gynecomastia often appears in both breasts in the form of a disc that can be felt under the nipple, although it can also occur asymmetrically, in only one breast.

Liposuction of excess fat or surgical removal of excess breast gland tissue is then performed.
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Depending upon the complexity of the surgical procedure, the operation can be performed under general or local anesthesia. If it is only a liposuction, patients can return to their daily activities in less than a week, and if the surgical procedure on the breast tissue is performed, they should postpone physical activities for two to four weeks.

Commence a virtual conversation

It bears no significance whether the breast reduction patient is a man or a woman, our certified experts with over 30 years of experience will make a small incision and place the scar in invisible areas. After consultations with you, doctors will do a physical examination and suggest an individually designed treatment that will give the best results.
The virtual conversation begins with you sending to us photos of the part of your body you wish to be changed. After that, our surgeon will analyse your photo and decide whether you are a candidate for the desired intervention. Later on we will inform you about the doctor’s decision and send you the questionnaire with all the necessary information we need before the operation. It is of the utmost importance that you know that every information and communication among you, your doctor and doctor’s assistant is strictly confidential. This procedure has proven to be the best in obtaining the most precise and accurate initial information and following organization.
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