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The surgical technique of tightening the hanging abdomen is performed by means of incision on the lower abdominal region, just above pubic area. The excess skin and fatty tissue is removed and navel is placed to a higher position. Sometimes, only the abdominal tightening is performed, and sometimes, combined with liposuction of certain regions, usually hips and thighs.

Facts you need to know about the abdominoplasty

Surgical procedure lasts 2 to 3 hours
It is recommended to stop smoking six weeks prior to operation in order to reduce the risk of complications
It is performed under the general anesthesia
Performing Surgery


After the operation it is required to wear an elastic belt and refrain from physical exertions for about a month

Image by Nikola Aleksic

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Commence a virtual conversation

The virtual conversation begins with you sending to us photos of the part of your body you wish to be changed.

After that, our surgeon will analyse your photo and decide whether you are a candidate for the desired intervention. Later on we will inform you about the doctor’s decision and send you the questionnaire with all the necessary information we need before the operation. It is of the utmost importance that you know that every information and communication among you, your doctor and doctor’s assistant is strictly confidential. This procedure has proven to be the best in obtaining the most precise and accurate initial information and following organization.

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